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Plaza de los Cubos(Madrid). Photo: A. Montilla



The process

  • Content
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Promoting



My name is Antonio Montilla. I was born and raised in Seville (Spain). I studied journalism, and very soon became interested in graphic design, specially web design and programming.

  • Web design and programming: Html5, Css3, Javascript.
  • Content management and information architecture: Drupal and Wordpress CMS.
  • 2D Infography.
  • Design and page layout of magazines, newspapers, brochures and advertising.
  • Languages: High level of Spanish, English and French. Learning German.

I collaborate with Servicio Telegráfico Design Studio (Seville, Spain) as responsible for web design and programming. Also, I have been responsible for infographics in the design department of several newspapers, like El Día de Córdoba or Abc de Córdoba (both in Córdoba, Spain), and collaborator as content manager and web designer for Exágono de Comunicación Design Studio.

Download CV [pdf]


If you are interested in my work, you can send an email to: